Cambios Yrendague SA, is a corporation that works in the n exchange field for more than 20 years. It is authorized by the Central Bank of Paraguay since July of 1998, starting their commercial activities in Ciudad del Este, where the headquarters is located.

Currently, Cambios Yrendague SA, has many facilities spread all over Ciudad del Este, and an agency in the city of Nueva Esperanza.

In this path it was possible to concretize several strategic business alliances with other companies, which has allowed us a greater national and international expansion, thus offering a differentiated service with competitive prices.

Prevention of Money Laundering

The company has a manual on the prevention of Money Laundering and the financing of terrorism, as well as the Manuals on Procedures and Function, and a Code of Ethics and Conduct, which contribute mainly to compliance with current regulations.


It is to satisfy the financial needs of our clients, offering a personalized service of excellent quality. Preserving integrity and fidelity in all our operations.


To be a corporation leader in the market, with excellence in services for our clients.p>

Meaning of the word Yrendague

The word Yrendague comes from the Guaraní language and its etymological meaning is:

Place where there was water (Y = water, RENDA = place, GUE = extinguished or quenched).

It is also associated with other words such as pit (ykua), or watered (ygua) o lagoon (ypa o y no`ô), especially given that connotation after the battle of Yrendague, during the Chaco War.